novembris 07, 2013

KLB Biļetens NOVEMBRIS 2013

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Translates/summarized Baiba Caunite

Latvia’s Independence 95th Year Celebration – This Nov 18th Independence Celebration is special because considerable time that has passed since we have first gained our independence. Those of us, who remember the Soviet occupation, either in its early years or later, know what that meant. But our longing for freedom remained undimmed. It really is up to every Latvian to keep the dream of Latvia alive, today and in the future.

Mara Zalite, the famous poet and playwright, calls on Latvians to examine the principles that underlie Latvia as a nation. Writing a Preamble to the Latvian Constitution has created controversy among Latvian citizens and non-citizens. Imagine controversy about the USA “We the People.” Zalite reminds us that a country is not defined or built so much on economic principles as spiritual principles. Zalite calls on Lat­via’s citizens to examine the reality around them, to make decisions as to what kind of country they want. She reminds us that transcendent principles are primary. Because of the economic crisis, many have fallen into extreme negativity. But Zalite wants to rally Latvia’s people to again regain the confidence that the original founding fathers of Latvia had as they realized their dream. It really is not a coincidence that her play Lacplesis has been revived at this moment. There have to be people who fight for higher principles as the poem’s hero Lacplesis fights darkness to bring forth light, freedom.

Valmiera’s theater group visits Cleveland with Anslavs Eglitis’ play, a comedy centered on Latvian refu­gee life in the USA. The play shows us refugees that have established themselves, appear to be successful but yet carry within them old problems, old wounds still unsolved. Well-acted, a comedy of nuances, the play shows us ourselves as we were or what we have become.

TRIO concert – a small but powerful group of musicians who specialize in traditional folk songs. This group reminded the audience what rich traditions we have and that sometimes these need to be brought forth, for we the audience gains a sense of history again, what Latvia is really about.

KLB invites all Latvians to our annual Nov 18th celebration.
Date: November 16 Time: 2:00 p.m. Location: Social hall, Latvian church.
Visiting speaker: Juris Kenins, speaking on national songs, our national soul.
Concert: chellist Juris Kenins, violinist Peter Briedis, pianist Liga Zemesaraja.

• If you live in Brooklyn, support Andris Celcherts in the November election in the city government.

• Join us on Jan 26, 2014 in support of our local school. Speaker: Dr. Zalitis from Boston presenting an il­lustrative and informative talk about Latvian historical buildings.

• Join our local literary club and keep up with the latest books from Latvia. On Nov 22, at 7 p.m. in the Green Room, our club will discuss Eriks Hanberg’s latest book on “kolhozs”, collectivization in Latvia. Contact Maija Grendze for information.

• Fantastic website on (that’s Latvijas tv) has a show called “Lab of Lies.” This show reveals, for example, all the lies told by the Nazi and Soviet occupations. Old films, direct quotes, historical documents are discussed by historians. An exceptional source for all. Website:

• Our own Victors Straube’s book available from Maija Grendze. Please call 440-895-0647.

• If you have not already heard, Andris Nelsons has been named Music Director of Boston’s famous sym­phonic orchestra.

• During October our Latvian community lost an eminent dental surgeon, Latvian patriot and generous member, Andrejs Kisis. Our whole community mourns & we all extend our sympathy to his family. His passing has left us shocked, saddened.